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Gratitude Super Hack! Episode #12

This is it, the whole shebang. If you want to dive deep into the gratitude pool, and emerge with treasures, listen, learn, laugh, cry, and discover benevolence and beauty. Do it with science...gratitude science!

Yasmin and Rebecca interviewed me for their Gratitude Hacks podcast and I revealed the essence of all my gratitude work, in less than an hour. I hope you listen and have fun reflecting on the meaningful relationships in your life that bring you love, support, and resilience. We need more of that these days, don't you think?

Even better, learn how I empower teachers to bring these practices to the kids in their classrooms! Curious yet? Have a listen. You might find yourself inspired, and eager to bring more gratitude to your school or your kid's school, or your nephew's school, or the school you went to a million years ago... If you haven't figured it out yet...Yes! I do workshops, and...Yes! you should probably talk to whoever you need to so I can bring gratitude to you and yours!


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Podcast #12: Gratitude 2.0 Grateful Thinking for Kids (and Adults!) by Yasmin Nguyen and Rebecca French

Parents and teachers, don’t miss this episode as Vanessa Callaghan shares her strategies to help kids in schools learn and experience the power of gratitude. This episode is a super hack packed with so many mini hacks that adult listeners can try out, too!

In this super hack, learn how to use the mind as a tool to deepen meaningful relationships with grateful thinking. Grab a notepad and follow along as Vanessa walks us through one of the most powerful gratitude hacks we’ve encountered yet. You might just end up thinking more gratefully, trying out the gratitude challenge, and contacting your kid’s school to bring a gratitude workshop to your community!

On this episode, we interview Vanessa Callaghan, a gratitude researcher whose mission is to bring more gratitude into schools. She shares how her gratitude workshop empowers teachers with meaningful and fun research-tested gratitude practices. Teachers learn how to guide students to reflect on their lives and write gratitude stories and powerful thank you letters to the benefactors in their lives.

Grateful thinking is important for a child’s growth and development for so many reasons! By learning grateful thinking concepts, children begin to notice things that may have been taken for granted. They can tune into how good it feels to receive support, help, and care from others. They can learn to describe and share the good things that happen in life and to show appreciation to the people in their lives that love and care for them.

Listen to this episode and find out how these discoveries came about and how you, too, can develop core beliefs to support you in strengthening your sense of appreciation and deepen your relationships with others.

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