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Lively Discussion about Positive Ways to Manage the Classroom
Vanessa Introduces the Gratitude Study to Parents
Vanessa Answers Questions about Prioritizing Student Needs
Teachers and Administrators Discuss Their Character Strengths
Gratitude Is Good for Schools!
Aftercare Staff Discuss How to Apply Strategies in Their Unique Setting
A Teaching Team Shares Their Enthusiasm

"More than ever, parents want to build lifelong relationships with their children based on respect, appreciation, and love... and we're here to help."

-Vanessa Callaghan
  Founder of Raising Our Resilience

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Podcast Cover Square (30003000 px).png

COMING MARCH 11th, 2024 

The Calm Empowered Parent Podcast

Step Into a World of Calm Parenting…

and discover practical parenting strategies anchored in love, mutual respect, and appreciation with Vanessa Callaghan, MEd.

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What People Say

"I've definitely noticed my daughter's language change around thanking me and others and thinking about gratitude--just yesterday she made a beautiful double-sided card for my mother, who has come to town to help out while my husband is out of town.  She verbalized it too, 'It's fun having you here, Granny.' It made my mother's day!"

"We couldn't have done this year without Vanessa."

"Working with Vanessa was like a breath of fresh air.  I realized things didn't have to be so crazy.  I didn't have to keep asking if my child's behavior was normal or not.  She helped me find my calm and be more clear on how to set limits and hold the line with love.  I don't know what I would have done without her help!"

"I learned so much in her workshop and now I have so many useful tools- and they work!"

"My students loved the gratitude practices and were incredibly engaged in the program."

"You helped me turn things around-now my classroom is easier to manage!"

"Vanessa knows how to work with everyone, from first-year assistants to veteran head teachers.  Her feedback has been so helpful for all of our teaching teams."

"During the workshop, I tuned back into the values of appreciation that I grew up with and I am so grateful for Vanessa's workshop!"

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“I have very much enjoyed collaborating with Vanessa on research with children. Her creativity, knowledge and skills with developmentally-appropriate practices has made our partnership very productive. Thanks to her dedication and insight, we have refined a much-needed gratitude measure for preK and Kindergarten children and have developed a corresponding gratitude curriculum that children absolutely love. I'm excited to see what our research on creating and testing these valuable resources will show!”

-Giacomo Bono, PH.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology at CSU, Dominguez Hills, co-author of Making Grateful Kids: The Science of Building Character, Associate Editor for The Journal of Positive Psychology, and director of the Greater Good Science Center's Youth Gratitude Project

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"Vanessa’s ability to engage her audience through her clear, articulate presentation of well researched material, her warm, pleasant manner, and her ability to involve the audience with relevant activities that can readily be used in their classroom make her an excellent choice as a presenter."

-Judi Bauerlein, MEd, Teacher Educator and Consultant, Former President of the AMS Board of Directors and AMS 2010 Living Legacy


“Vanessa has taken on two roles to support our school: a guest presenter and a mentor for our newer teachers. As a presenter, Vanessa is warm and engaging. It is clear that her work and life experience have given her the capacity to speak comfortably about gratitude and how to cultivate an active gratitude practice. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed it and was eager to put pieces in place in their classroom environments. When working directly with teachers, Vanessa provides relevant and time-saving resources. Her well-rounded teaching experience gives her a depth of knowledge that becomes immediately helpful for teachers and their students. ”

-Jennifer Heeter, Interim Head of School -- Urban Montessori Charter School, Oakland, CA

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