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Professional Development

A Teaching Team Shares Their Enthusiasm

Foster a Culture of Appreciation and Positive Classroom Management

The Gratitude Workshop delves into current research about the science of gratitude and positive youth development. Practical, classroom-ready tools are explored with hands-on activities. A classroom-ready curriculum and other valuable resources and tools empower teachers to implement gratitude practices in the classroom. The Bringing Gratitude Home parent education workshop builds a bridge between school and home. The length and depth of the workshop is customized to the needs of your program. 

  • "My biggest takeaway was learning about the impact gratitude has on our happiness and overall well-being. I realized how important it is to check in with myself and make sure I am modeling kindness and gratefulness for my students. The workshop was informative, fun, and uplifting. I now have many useful tools I am excited to use with my students, as well as in my personal life!" -Kendall Roberts, ECE Teacher, Nia House Learning Center, Berkeley, CA


The Positive Classroom Management Workshop gives teachers an overview of tools to develop positive relationships with their students based on students’ strengths, appreciation practices, and personal connections. Participants learn core strategies for classroom management: how to create effective routines, work as a teaching team, use observational assessments, etc. Teachers gain access to a wide variety of positive psychology resources that empower them to create a positive classroom culture. Specific strategies for meeting the needs of children with challenging behaviors are explored. This workshop is best scheduled as a series that focuses on high-priority topics.  The length and depth of the workshop is customized to the needs of your program.

  • "I was impressed with how much Vanessa covered in a short amount of time. She was genuine, emotionally intelligent, and very relevant." 

  • "I'll be using the strengths inventory for all the years to come... highlighting strengths during parent-teacher conferences made a huge difference!"  

Educational Consulting

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Expert Guidance

Vanessa is a proven mentor and trainer, and works with interns, assistants, lead teachers, department heads, and directors to improve their programs. Typically, coaching cycles through an introduction, observation, debrief, and several follow-up meetings. The most effective approach is an ongoing coaching plan, which gives educators enough time to implement changes and reflect on their practice over the school year or several years. Professional review and assessment services are also available. Common areas of consultation include:

  • data and assessment

  • classroom management

  • curriculum development

  • assistant training

  • challenging students

  • parent-teacher conferences and reports

  • program goals and year-long projects

Customized consultation plans are created to meet the needs and goals of your program.

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