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Host a Parent Workshop


Parents are seeking support now, more than ever...

Raising kids is a challenging endeavor, and I’m guessing some parents in your school community or organization would like more effective parenting tools, and others wouldn’t mind a refresher!

Are you ready to bring a high-quality workshop that leaves your school 's parent community feeling more connected and supported?  Would you like more alignment between home and school for your students?  

Then I invite you to apply for an interactive workshop at your school. Together we can empower parents and help students experience more consistency between home and school. 


And the good news is... we’re able to offer these workshops at a LOW-COST or FREE for schools and organizations that qualify. 

Professional Development

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Expert Guidance

Vanessa is a proven mentor and trainer, and works with interns, assistants, lead teachers, department heads, and directors to improve their programs. Customized professional development and consultation plans are created to meet the needs and goals of your program.

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