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Welcome to your retreat info page!

I am looking forward to our time of connecting, relaxing and growing together. Below you will find some forms from Westerbeke Ranch and instructions to help you make the best of the weekend. Please note, arrival on Friday is 4:00-4:30pm and departure on Sunday is 2:30pm.  





Westerbeke Ranch

2300 Grove Street

Sonoma, CA 95476 US

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Guest Forms

Download and save these PDF forms to your computer before you enter text into the form fields. Once you fill out the Release and Waiver form you can save it on your computer and then email it to us.

Release and Waiver

Guidelines for Ranch Guests

Driving Directions

Ranch Map


Items to Bring:


White shirt or other top for our Sunday's party

Layers for chilly evenings

Comfortable clothing
Sturdy shoes (uneven rustic paths)
Rain jacket or umbrella
Swimsuit and flip-flops for swimming pool and hot tub

Extra pool towel


Small flashlight
Insect Repellent


Pen and small notebook
Calendars and Planners
Floor mat/blanket/pillows for Friday's Soundbath concert
(Optional) hand drums, rattles or shakers


Water bottle

Ear plugs
Small tote bag
Light blanket if you get cold easily

Unscented personal products


Program Topics

Once we unwind and settle in, we'll start creating your ROADMAP OUT OF OVERWHELM.  In your sessions you will learn how to...

- Design smoothly running routines... so that you can start and end your day without feeling frazzled by power struggles and can enjoy the precious time at the end of the day to connect with your partner and kids with energy and hope.

- Get crystal clear about limits and expectations... so that you can be more successful in setting limits that stick in different zones of life... whether you're at the park, rushing out the door, or at the dinner table, you'll know what you want to happen and why.

- Balance your weekly schedule... so that you can build in time for self-care like exercise and alone time, your relationship, and more relaxed 1-on-1 time connecting positively with your kids. 

- Get connected and stay connected... including how to repair our relationships so that you can have the kind of relationship where, as teenagers, your kids come to you with their problems because you share mutual respect and trust.

- Create a vision for your family for 2020... where do you want to be in a year as a parent?  What would that look like?  When we know where we are going, we can break the journey into manageable steps and take them one by one to get there!