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Welcome to your virtual retreat page!

I am looking forward to our time of connecting, relaxing and growing together.


Handout #1: The ICARE Model

Handout #2 Putting ICARE into Action

HAndout #3 Imani Aieshah's

Items to Bring:


Layers for chilly evenings

Comfortable clothing
Sturdy shoes (uneven rustic paths)
Rain jacket or umbrella
Swimsuit and flip-flops for swimming pool and hot tub

Extra pool towel


Small flashlight
Insect Repellent


Pen and small notebook
Calendars and Planners
Floor mat/blanket/bolsters/pillows for Saturday's sound bath concert


Water bottle

Ear plugs
Small tote bag
Light blanket if you get cold easily

Unscented personal products

Program Topics

Once we unwind and settle in, we'll start you on the next steps toward EMOTIONAL MASTERY.  In your sessions you will learn how to...

  • Cultivate more calm... so that you have strategies in place that help you keep your cool during challenging moments and stay connected with the adults and kids in your life with more energy and hope.

  • Soothe tough emotions... so that you can deescalate situations to a calmer level where you can work toward higher learning and developmental goals. 

  • Foster your child's self-awareness and self-regulation... so that you can experience more success coaching your child with kid-tested, research-tested tools for self-regulation and co-regulation, and empower them with strategies they can use for the years to come.

  • Navigate big emotions... including meltdowns, tantrums, and power struggles... so that you can have the kind of relationship where, as teenagers, your kids come to you with their big feelings and harder problems because you share mutual respect and trust.

  • Repair after a heated conflict... so that you can maintain a positive relationship and find the learning opportunities in disagreements and power struggles. 

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