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Ep 4: Discovering My Most Effective Parenting Style with Client Tiffany Eng

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One of the key principles of The Calm Empowered Parent podcast is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting, and this episode embodies that principle by exemplifying one big-hearted mama’s commitment to discovering the most effective parenting style.

Vanessa sits down with client Tiffany Eng to talk through her parenting journey and how she has discovered the most effective parenting style by embracing being calm in high-emotion situations, fighting back against outside pressures to do things counter to what she intuits her child needs, all while extending empathy towards herself.

You will get a personal look at how Vanessa walks parents through tricky situations and common challenges with their children with tenacity, vision, and commitment. You’ll also learn how you can adapt these strategies and tools to your child and their developmental stage’s needs and goals.

Here are the Topics We Covered in Discovering the Most Effective Parenting Style.

  • Learning what we as parents need to calm down in a high-emotion situation and to extend empathy towards ourselves as we do for others.

  • How to respond powerfully to outside pressures by pushing back with the tenacity, vision, and commitment to what you know works best for you and your child.

  • Using the ‘previewing tool’ to help your child feel prepared, set expectations, and give them some autonomy and control over the situation.

  • Adapting our expectations and strategies based on the developmental stages of our children.


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Music by Jabari Martin


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