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Ep 2: Motivating Kids with Less Rewards and Punishments


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Cracking the code on motivating kids can be a puzzle - what works one day might not the next. It can feel confusing to us (and our kids) when we alternate between being cheerleaders and stern drill sergeants, bouncing between providing encouragement and enforcing consequences.

Join Vanessa in this episode as she draws on 15+ years of classroom experience and motivation research to help you gain insights into how to win your child's cooperation, ways to foster motivation in children, how to enhance listening skills, and foster focus in school and family life.

Discover how to steer clear of relying on rewards and punishments and, instead, focus on intrinsic motivation. These hacks for motivating kids not only build trust and mutual respect but also add a fun twist to parenting!

Here are the topics we covered in Motivating Kids with Less Rewards and Punishments

  • Busting the myth that motivation can only be achieved by “the threat of the stick or the promise of the carrot.”

  • How to inspire children to succeed without sacrificing our relationship and their social and emotional well-being along the way.

  • Breaking down the potential reasons for low motivation in your child.

  • Motivational strategies for kids along with practical tips and tricks for incorporating fun and collaboration into your quest for motivation.


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Music by Jabari Martin


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