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Ep 3: How to Declutter Your Home Quickly for Child Independence with Krista Lockwood

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What if we told you that the CLUTTER in your house is covering up bigger issues and contributing to overwhelm in both you and your children? Fortunately, Decluttering Expert and mother of 5, Krista Lockwood is here to teach you how to declutter your home quickly to reduce your workload, promote child independence, and help quell big emotions.

If the very idea of decluttering your home feels like too much, Krista and Vanessa address some of the reasons why parents think they can’t declutter, and proven ways to get it done no matter what life is throwing your way. Listen for simple tools to simplify your life and how to experience the wisdom that less is truly more.

Here are the Topics We Covered on How to Declutter Your Home Quickly for Child Independence.

  • Assess how your child’s environment may be contributing to household and behavioral issues.

  • Learn proven methods for creating reliable systems and reducing workload, overwhelm, and big emotions.

  • Discover the underlying issues that emerge when decluttering and how to address them.

  • Learn the lesson of ‘less is more’ as it pertains to children in the home (and classroom)

Krista Lockwood, the creator of Motherhood Simplified, a group, a podcast, and much more, focuses on helping families by showing them how to declutter their homes quickly to ensure they support them, instead of working against them.


Ways to stay in touch and learn with Krista Lockwood:

Go to to get your free copy of Vanessa’s Calm Parent Strategy Guide, to submit a question, to stay up to date with upcoming events, and to explore how to bring one of Vanessa’s low-cost workshops to your school or group.

Music by Jabari Martin


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