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EP 5: 10 Ways to Boost EQ with a Feelings Chart

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Let's have some fun exploring our feelings! It’s so important to teach our kids how to identify and express their emotions in empowering and constructive ways. Kids get upset, and often don’t have an answer when we ask, “How do you feel?” And, when they do answer, they can have a canned response as a catch-all, like “I’m fine.”

The good news is that learning how to articulate feelings, desires, and needs are teachable skills! And, the more often your child practices naming their emotions, the more comfortable and adept they will be at identifying and expressing them in empowering and constructive ways.

One of the ways my clients have raised their kids' EQ is adding “feeling words” to their family vocabulary... with a Feelings Chart. For more insights on how to identify and express emotions in constructive ways, watch this short training. I share 10 ways to use a chart that kids love because learning about our emotions doesn’t have to be a drag, or only happen when things go wrong.

Here are the topics we covered on 10 Ways to Boost EQ with a Feelings Chart.

  • Using movies, songs, and stories to help children recognize certain emotions and relate them to their own lived experiences.

  • Questions to ask our children around their emotional life to promote reflection and growth.

  • Building empathy and body language recognition skills through charades and other games.

  • Learning to identify and name emotions outside of intense moments in order to connect our awareness of feelings and how to express them.


Get your own copy of our favorite Feelings Chart at and find other ready-to-use printable SEL resources by Anita and the folks at Whole Hearted School Counseling.

Go to to get your free copy of Vanessa’s Calm Parent Strategy Guide, to submit a question, to stay up to date with upcoming events, and to explore how to bring one of Vanessa’s low-cost workshops to your school or group.

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