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EP 6: Emotional Regulation Skills for Kids with Occupational Therapist Kathryn Dunn

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Parents today are charting new territory. Many of us are working to raise our children with an emphasis on emotions despite our own parents not teaching us to regulate our emotions or making us ignore or tamp our emotions down.

In this episode, a member of Vanessa’s coaching team, Occupational Therapist Kathrynn Dunn, shares top insights about emotional regulation skills for kids and how sensory experiences can lead to overwhelm. She also helps us to accept dysregulation as a natural and manageable response, and to find a balance between being firm and kind when our child’s behavior doesn’t meet our expectations.

This episode aims to help you shift from fixing a problem to meeting a need, while you learn how to assess your own emotions, relate your own sensory experiences to your children’s, and promote the behavior you want to see in your children by modeling it yourself.

Here are the topics we covered in Emotional Regulation Skills for Kids.

  • How to raise children with an emphasis on emotions when we ourselves were raised by parents who worked to ignore them or tamp them down.

  • Relating our own sensory experiences to our children’s experiences in order to build empathy and become more effective guides.

  • Recognizing that dysregulation is a natural response to situations that are overwhelming, overstimulating, and unmanageable.

  • Finding the balance between over-punishing and overly permissive responses to unfavorable behaviors.

  • Where to start when building your family’s unique sensory needs profile - the elements to take into account for every family member, such as things they cannot stand, and the things they can’t do without.

Parents and caregivers, we hope you got some valuable insights to help you in the growth and development of your family from this episode, Emotional Regulation Skills for Kids.


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Music by Jabari Martin


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