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Ep 7: Setting Boundaries with Kids with Client Sarah Kowalski

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Have you ever felt like waving that white flag of surrender? Like things with your child are so challenging that at times you feel defeated? During the pandemic, Vanessa’s coaching client Sarah Kowalski found herself overwhelmed and even afraid after her son began lashing out emotionally and physically. Eventually, she knew that the best thing that she could do was ask for help, and now she shares the strategies she learned to manage challenging situations and shift the entire dynamic of her relationship with her son.

You will get a personal look at how Vanessa walks parents through tricky situations and common challenges with their children with tenacity, vision, and commitment. You’ll also learn how you can adapt these strategies and tools to your child and their developmental stage’s needs and goals. Together, we can normalize asking for help and learn the art of setting boundaries with kids, sticking to them, and modeling the behavior we want to see in our children. You aren’t in this alone.

Here are the topics we covered in setting boundaries with kids.

  • Normalizing asking for help when we’ve run out of tools and strategies.

  • Concrete strategies for managing challenging situations and finding that one piece that can shift the dynamic.

  • The necessity and challenge of both setting boundaries with kids and holding to them.

  • The power of modeling the behavior ourselves that we want to see in our children.

Parents and caregivers, we hope you got some valuable insights to help you in the growth and development of your family from this episode, Emotional Regulation Skills for Kids.


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Music by Jabari Martin


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