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Ep 1: Welcome to the Calm, Empowered Parent


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Now introducing The Calm, Empowered Parent Podcast!

Join educational consultant and parenting coach Vanessa Callaghan as she shares what you can expect from the Calm Empowered parent podcast that challenges the notion that parenting needs to be perfect and look the same for every family. Join us on your personal and transformative parenting journey to raising resilient kids!

In the first season of the Calm Empowered Parent podcast, Vanessa will be bringing her treasure trove of tools and strategies gained from two decades in the classroom and coaching parents and caregivers to help you find your own authentic parenting style. You can look forward to episodes with parents and experts to help you promote childhood independence, set boundaries with children, navigate tantrums and meltdowns, motivate kids with less rewards and punishments, strengthen parent-child relationships, and so much more.

Dive into a season filled with real talk and practical tips and stories that will make you feel like you're chatting with a friend. Let's dive into building resilience in kids and becoming calm, empowered parents!


Go to to get your free copy of Vanessa’s Calm Parent Strategy Guide, to submit a question, to stay up to date with upcoming events, and to explore how to bring one of Vanessa’s low-cost workshops to your school or group.

Music by Jabari Martin


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